Water leakage?

Water leakage at home

Water damages to Norwegian homes is increasing. If a water leak occurs, do not hesitate to contact a plumber. Water leakage in homes most often occurs in toilets or sinks that drip. There can be many causes for water leaks, work done by unskilled labor can be a cause, as can old worn pipes. It can therefore be important to carry out inspections and maintenance at regular intervals. If a water leak occurs, contact your plumber.

A water leak can quickly become expensive and the consequential damage even more expensive. Contact us as soon as you discover a water leak to limit the damage.  Water can find its way through nooks and crevices and is not always easy to see for an untrained eye.

24T Rørservice AS has over 25 years of experience – everything that has to do with water and sewage – we will fix it for you. We at 24T Rørservice AS take on both small and large assignments for individuals and companies, We repair and seal all types of water leaks. If you have a water leak, do not hesitate to contact us. If it is urgent, we have priority options for the picky or the busy. Call us today: 22 52 20 20. Our plumbers are ready for you whenever you need it, day, evening or night, we have emergency services 24 hours a day

Regardless of assignment, feel free to contact us today for a non-binding price offer.

Andreas Lundgård

«When the water is filling up your basement… and NOBODY can or will help you. Who do you call… these guys. Fast, skilled, pleasant and EXTREMELY service minded

The experience I am talking about happened in Svelvik 20 minutes outside of Drammen. In the evening when we came home from work, the basement was full of water. I got the main valve shut, but no one in the immediate area could or wanted to help.

As a parent of small children, I understand that without clean water things get difficult. I therefore call this company and they answer without hesitation and are quickly on their way. I sent them some pictures of the damaged parts and they confirmed that they had the right spare for the job.

1 hour and 15 min later they are here, and that is after a 1 hour drive from Oslo. That is impressive! Then they get to work and 10min later I’m shaking their hand and everything is ok. These people are quick, nice and they know what they are doing. They are extremely serviceminded.

This is the company for anyone that wants the job done proper and quickly.»

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