Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a plumber cost per hour?

A plumber from 24T-Rørservice AS costs NOK 1,462 per hour incl. VAT. between 08: 00-16: 00 (Mon / Fri). All other services are in addition. We can provide “Package solutions” or fixed price. We do this primarily with larger assignments that run over 3 days or several weeks. All service jobs that we perform and complete in less than 3 days are invoiced accordingly. Plumbing companies in Oslo have roughly the same price if they provide service accordingly.

Why is the amount in the invoice higher than what was estimated?

All invoices sent to the customer’s e-mail from the Nordic region’s leading technology company within ERP and accounting systems in the cloud Tripletex are based on the actual time spent and material used for the assignment. If a customer has received a price estimate, this is the price that will be invoiced during working hours for plumbers. Material costs vary as no two jobs are exactly alike.

How much do materials cost and where do you buy this from?

24T-Rørservice AS material prices are based on our wholesalers’ current catalog prices, which are normally updated twice a year. Our material is exclusively traded via pure wholesalers, and will not be compared with online shopping or what other actors may sell material for. 24T-Rørservice AS is a member company of VVS Fagmann Bad & rørspesialist and trades materials exclusively via our wholesalers, who have both the value chain and the inventory we depend on. We can not secure our deliveries by using “lure offers” and the like from online suppliers on individual products.

Why do I have to pay for you to throw away waste?

24T-Rørservice AS spends time on waste management in the same way as everyone else who has to throw away rubbish/waste. We have to sort sources and clean up the car after transport to get ready for the next assignment. Waste management is therefore a variable cost. If the amount is very small, then its nothing we charge for. When it is of significant quantity, its priced at normal rates. We always ask the customer on site whether we should take care of the waste or if the customer takes care of it himself.

Why do I have to pay for the service car that the plumber drives in?

The attendance fee or “Service car” fee is a lump sum of NOK 1125, – incl. VAT. per assignment / per day. (Within Oslo) This helps to cover costs for km for cars, tolls, service and maintenance for cars, as well as cover a share of the actual costs incurred by having a selected inventory per car. The attendance fee does not cover driving time, possible parking, collection at a wholesaler, or waste management.

Can you install equipment that I have purchased from other suppliers, such as Maxbo, Flisekompaniet or Megaflis?

We certainly can, but it is not recommended. We can not guarantee equipment / parts or anything else that we do not deliver. This is due to documentation considerations, the right of complaint, guarantees or possibly other tedious insurance cases.

Are your prices competitive?

24T-Rørservice AS is pricing its services at the current average for plumbing services in Oslo and the surrounding area. We deliver all assignments we perform certified and documented, which we guarantee in accordance with the Craftsmen’s Services Act, as well as laws and regulations within our own industry. An installation from 24T-Rørservice AS shall be a finished package with the right personnel and the right material, where we stand for all points in the value chain.

What happens if I do not pay on time?

We can all get into this situation so there is nothing unusual or anything to worry about. We solve everything with good communication. We can split the amount or arrange a repayment scheme – depending on the need. Just write to us or to the contact person you have been assigned for the case. If necessary, call us on 22522020. All inquiries to us must be made in writing before the due date given in the invoice.

Why are emergency assignments significantly more expensive than ordinary working hours?

We are always prepared for plumbing assignments that are planned and ordered by the customer – as well as the customer. They are booked by us between 08: 00-16: 00 | Mon / Fri. If there are emergency assignments, usually after 16:00 and until 08:00 every day throughout the year, this is charged as an extra shift fee (NOK 5.000 incl. VAT). The plumber who is on duty receives a salary supplement since he is ready to help customers in such cases. Usually the insurance companies strongly recommend us to the clients to avoid major building damage.

How can you know exactly how much time a plumber has used?

We have cars with GPS tracking at all times that help us plan + book jobs for plumbers who are closest to a new client when they call in. We have jobs throughout Oslo and the surrounding area. This is a very efficient system that saves us as a company, as well as all client money. It ensures the fastest delivery and that the client is invoiced for the right amount.  Tracksolid is the tool we use. It also ensures that the client is not invoiced too much time. We always calculate travel time to + from the customer as well as supplementing material.

How much does the assignment cost - Price estimate, fixed price?

Many clients want to know how much they will be charged – we understand that well, and we want to provide you this information. But to achieve that, information about the job is required. We can get this information in the form of pictures + explanatory text. With good communication, we often manage to estimate the right price. If the customer has received one price estimate, then it is the price the job most often ends up costing (this in relation to the information we have received). One estimate does not necessarily mean that the estimate is the same as the  amount on the invoice. This is because there may be unexpected situations or other deviations that makes us spend more time, material or other.

If the client has received a fixed price offer for the assignment, we have enough information and can determine the price with certainty. The vast majority of assignments are billed by the hour,  that includes: actual time spent on the entire job, materials, service car to / from customer + supplementation of materials, possibly parking + waste management related to the job. This will always be the right price, for both parties.

Do you provide free price estimations?

We inspect assignments that are large or complicated, this is assessed on a case-by-case basis. However, free inspection is not something we perform (unless otherwise agreed). The price for inspection is: NOK 2,687, – incl. VAT. within Oslo. and NOK 3,381, – incl. VAT. outside of Oslo. If the assignment accrues to us after an inspection, we will refund this cost.

I have been billed one hour more than the plumber actually had with me, why is that?

All craftsmen charge for the driving time to / from customer + that we make sure that we have what we need in cars that are supplemented from our many wholesalers for our clients: 20 min to the client + 20 min from + 20 min for supplementing parts, materials or other equipment that must be retrieved. So it is not just the time we are at the client that is invoiced.

I have a clogged drain - can you help me?

We can do that, clogged or partially clogged drains are a situation no one wants to get into. But everyone experiences this sooner or later. Since drain pipes are hidden, we can not see what the cause is. Our routine is as follows. We first send a plumber to see if he can fix it, he often manages it. If the plumber does not manage to fix it, we need to perform high-pressure flushing of the pipe. This is done by our flushing operator – Tore Jacobsen. He is excellent in his field and makes sure that blockages from the nearest stake point on the site are flushed and flushed further out on public lines.

If the problem occurs again after a short time, we recommended a camera inspection, because there is usually a more extensive problem such as a pipe breakage or larger objects that cannot be flushed out. This requires more work + equipment.

During a camera inspection, the film/video is stored on a USB stick that the customer receives on site, at the same time we store it in our archives. Often this is a case for a insurance company and with the video the customer has received proof of the problem. The pipe that is flushed/cleaned is not an installation we performed, nor are we responsible for how it was even laid. After we have flushed a pipe for a client, there is no guarantee that this will not clog again. 8 out of 10 times there is a user error, the others a pipe break (collapse) or other failure. This is due to the cover, the terrain or soil masses the pipe is installed in. If it needs to be excavated, and replaced we can perform this in agreement with the client.

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