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Proper Plumbers deliver Professional Quality!

If you have a clogged toilet or drain you may want to contact a proper plumber before the problem worsens. A professional plumber takes on all assignments related to pipes. Wherever there are pipes, there is a job to be done. It can be tempting to try and solve the problem on your own, in many cases this can make the situation worse. Therefore, contact a professional plumber before the problem gets out of hand.

A proper plumber knows the norwegian wetroom norm and general industry-specific rules. A professional plumber can present papers for properly performed work, which can be decisive when buying / selling and in insurance cases. It is important that you as a customer choose your craftsman carefully.

Unfortunately, there are large variations in the quality of both products and services in today’s market. There can be a lot of DIY advice out there on how to solve various problems, but in most cases it is best to contact a proper plumber.

24T Rørservice AS has over 25 years of experience and is a proper professional plumber – everything that has to do with water and sewage – we will fix it for you. We perform everything in pipe service, water, heating and sanitation, new installations, modernization of bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens, repairs, water heaters, toilets new and old, simply everything that has to do with pipes.

We at 24T Rørservice AS take on both small and large assignments for individuals and companies. If it is urgent, we have priority options for the picky or the busy. Call us today at: 22 52 20 20. Our plumbers are ready for you whenever you need it, day, evening or night, we have emergency services 24 hours a day. Regardless of assignment, feel free to contact us today for a non-binding price offer.

Skilled employees

Our plumbers are very service-minded and solution-oriented. We hold trade / journeyman's certificates and master's certificates. And you can rest assured that we take the task seriously.

We work fast

We carry out our projects quickly, efficiently and 100% accurately. We pride ourselves in carrying out the work to our clients utmost specifications.

Non-binding price offers

Contact us today for a non-binding price offer. If necessary, we can postpone the due date on the invoice by agreement. If you want to pay by card, we have a payment terminal.

Quality products

We only supply and assemble quality products from the leading suppliers on the market. We can also help with assembling self-purchased items.


Malin Gustafsson

«Fast and good service André and Tore fixed my problem within one hour »

Kristoffer Kahrs

«I moved into a new apartment with clogged pipes. André and 24T came and fixed the problem in less than 50 minutes from when I called. Professional service! Recommended..»

Thomas Nesvik

«The fastest and best plumber in town! Always shows up on time, and André og Kenneth provide great service! Can heartily recommend!"»

Anne Rålien

"I needed to connect pipes to the washing machine, set up a shower cubicle and some wall cabinets in the bathroom. Got professional and quick help from two nice guys. I'm very pleased with the result and experienced good service.They also show up at the right time. Highly recommended!»

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