Have you had a pipe burst?

We have Long experience with fixing burst pipes!

If a pipe leaks, your basement can be filled with water in an hour. Last year, more than 180 water damages was registered daily in Norwegian homes. Pipe bursts is a common cause of water damage in Norwegian homes. In addition to frost damage, old copper pipes that are outdated and worn are the main reasons for leaks in Norwegian homes.

A pipe rupture can quickly become an expensive affair. Figures from Finans Norge show that pipe ruptures and leaks from faulty pipe connections alone cause damage of more than NOK 650 million annually in private homes. The greatest damage often occurs when the water leaks for a long time without anyone noticing.

24T Rørservice AS has over 25 years of experience – everything that has to do with water and sewage – we will fix it for you. We at 24T Rørservice AS take on both small and large assignments for individuals and companies, We repair and seal all types of water leaks. If you have a water leak, do not hesitate to contact us. If it is urgent, we have priority options for the picky or the busy. Call us today: 22 52 20 20. Our plumbers are ready for you whenever you need it, day, evening or night, we have emergency services 24 hours a day

Regardless of assignment, feel free to contact us today for a non-binding price offer.


Thuy My Do Thi

«Very nice, efficient and skilled plumber at a reasonable price! Thank you for a good first experience with a plumber - will definitely call here again if I need it.»

Henrik Grobstok

Fantastically nice and service-minded guys. Highly recommended

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